Public Employment

We Represent The Rights Of Public Employees And Civil Service Workers

Working in the public sector serves a noble cause. These workers — devoted law enforcement officers, fire fighters, public school teachers, city and county employees, and more — are hardworking individuals who are often underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. But when this underappreciation extends to their employers, it takes a dedicated law firm to stand up for their rights.

At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, we proudly represent the rights of public employees and civil service workers throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California — and our firm has been doing so since 1985. The numerous state and federal laws that apply to public employment — such as the National Labor Relations Act, Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, Educational Employment Relations Act and more — require experienced lawyers who have demonstrated success in the public arena.

Protecting The Rights Of Those Who Protect And Teach Our Community

Our devoted labor and employment law attorneys are devoted to protecting the legal rights of those who work in the public sector. We have represented the legal interests of employees working at an array of different public agencies, for example:

We have represented public employees and civil service workers in a variety of circumstances, including employee discipline, performance deficiency notices, due process hearings and representation in employee dismissal hearings. When necessary, our employment lawyers participate in mediation or negotiations to settle grievances and assist in preparing settlement agreements.

Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP has negotiated collective bargaining agreements and memorandum of understanding between public employers and labor unions. We also represent individual civil service employees who are facing discipline, suspension or discharge. From the Skelly hearing, to the civil service commission, to an appeal in the California Superior Court, we have been successful at every level of hearing, review and appeal.

We Have The Experience You Need To Prevail

Not every employment lawyer is familiar with the specialized field of public employment. At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, our attorneys have been successfully resolving cases for our civil service clients for decades.