Whistleblower Protection

Defending Workplace Whistleblowers In California

Whistleblowers play an undeniably important role in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, having the bravery to step up and call out wrongdoing can often draw the retaliation of the company you work for.

At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, our wrongful termination employment law attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights of workplace whistleblowers and helping them seek justice in the face of retaliation by their employers. Our firm has been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area since 1985 with a tremendous record of success, working with employees to help them level the playing field against the large corporations they work for.

Important Considerations For Workplace Whistleblowers

Under state and federal whistleblower laws, it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who report information pertaining to:

If you have disclosed information such as this and are suffering consequences rolled out by your employer as a result, the employment lawyers at Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, stand ready to help you fight back and receive the justice you deserve. With decades of combined experience, our devoted lawyers have the skill and know-how you need to protect yourself and fight back.