Alternative Dispute Resolution

When Litigation Isn’t The Answer, There’s Alternative Dispute Resolution

The court system may not always be the best process for meeting the needs of an employee who has suffered harm due to a workplace incident. Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is often better suited to providing individual workers with the results they are seeking.

At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, our experienced labor and employment law attorneys have the experience needed to assist you in arbitrating or mediating your employment dispute. One of our attorneys even holds a master’s degree in dispute resolution in addition to his law degree, and he serves as an adjunct professor of law teaching courses in alternative dispute resolution at the University of Southern California School of Law. All of us are committed to going the extra mile to resolve a dispute out of court when that approach would yield the best results for you.

Is Mediation Right For Your Situation?

In mediation, the parties agree to take their dispute before a neutral third party, often a retired judge or other experienced attorney. The mediator listens to both sides, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each position, and helps the parties understand that coming to an agreement may be in their best interest.

Mediation allows the injured party an opportunity to state what is really bothering him or her and to be heard and acknowledged. It is a form of dispute resolution designed to achieve a voluntary agreement settling your dispute, and it allows us, as your attorneys, to suggest creative solutions that may be more meaningful to you, while costing employers little or nothing in return.

Can Arbitration Help Resolve Your Dispute?

In this form of alternative dispute resolution, the arbitrator takes the place of a judge. Less formal than a trial, arbitrations usually take place in a conference room. After hearing both sides and considering the evidence presented, the arbitrator issues an award or decision. Most arbitration is binding, meaning you cannot take the case to trial afterward, even if you do not agree with the result.

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At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP, we will take the time to describe what alternative dispute resolution is, how it works, and why it may be the most appropriate option in your specific case. We will outline all the potential risks and benefits so you can make an informed decision.

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